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First thing that comes to mind is to connect LED or laser to DC power supply on transmitter side, and use phototransistor with an amplifier on receiver side. If the beam would be interrupted even for a brief moment, that will trigger the latch and high current output transistor will open, energizing the output. If you like information and projects on this website and feel like helping, consider donating to help me pay for hosting and parts for projects. A Simple Laser Communication System That Transmit And Receive Signal From Any Audio Device Receiver Radio A Simple Laser Communication System That Transmits Data Using Laser Beam Laser Audio Transmitter And Receiver. All Gallery of A Simple Laser Communication System That Transmits Data Using Laser BeamRelated Suggestions : Laser Audio Transmitter And Receiver. Receive Quality Tutorials, Gadgets, Gizmos, Circuits and DIY Projects Straight in your Inbox by submitting your Email ID below. This Photodiode based Alarm can be used to give a warning alarm when someone passes through a protected area.
The alarm can be manually switched off using switch S1, since although the thyristor will return to the blocking state after C2 has been discharged if a short circuit is present the lighting circuit, this will not happen if there is a short circuit in the track circuit. This alarm circuit was designed to monitor a mains-powered smoke detector located in a shed (which is used to house dog kennels). You could switch on the alarm - leave the building and drive away - before the Siren started to sound.
Observe the values in the serial monitor to make sure that your threshold value is just slightly higher than the values you observe when the laser is hitting the LDR. Change the code so that the laser tripwire is always on, instead of blinking on and off every second.

Change the code so that the buzzer plays a melody instead of a steady tone in the alarm state. The alarm is a very simple two-transistor oscillator that is switched on by the relay in the laser tripwire circuit. Here are some examples of our lasers used in a variety of movie and theatre effects, as well as other entertainment events such as openings and receptions. Transmitter emits light (it could be, for example, an LED or a laser) and that light goes to receiver. Basically, it amplifies and processes the signal from the sensor and sounds an alarm for a preset period. It provides complete isolation from the mains so that low-voltage (12V) cabling could be run to the alarm circuit which is located inside the house.
This cuts power to the alarm and resets the SCRs.Secondly - the normally-open contacts close. A light-dependent resistor in a voltage divider circuit is kept low by shining a laser on it.
I'll show you how to build both circuits— the laser tripwire circuit and the alarm circuit. Once you have built the two circuits, you will then need to set up the laser pointer where someone is likely to break the laser beam and trip the alarm. For example you calibrated your amplifier to work on a cloudy day, and then bright sun shined at it and in this case it won’t trigger an alarm because it already has sufficient level of incoming light. In operation, the alarm signal (I) from the smoke detector is rectified using bridge rectifier BR1 and then fed to optoiso­lator OPTO1 via resistor R3.

If the bag is snatched abruptly, the magnet looses its contact with the reed switch, SW1 opens, the circuit starts oscillating and the loudspeaker emits a loud alarm sound. Interrupting that laser beam sends the analog input over a threshold, triggering the alarm and sounding a buzzer until a reset button is pressed. For example you can count people that entering some room, or you can use it as an alarm system, yeah, just like in movies! Each time Q6 turns on, its collector goes high and IC1 activates and produces an alarm tone in the speaker. When the alarm is triggered, it latches on until reset by S1 (ie, the switch must be opened and then closed again).
The alarm automatically turns off 10s after knocking ceases - ie, the time taken for the 22µF capacitor on Q4's emitter to discharge. The alarm will accept the usual types of normally-closed input devices such as - magnetic-reed contacts - micro switches - foil tape - and PIRs. Resistor R8 determines the frequency of oscillation of IC3.The siren signals are amplified by T2 and the alarm tone can be heard through the speaker. Choose the four keys you want to use to switch the alarm off, and connect them to 'A B C & D'.

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