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During early summer here in the Sonoran Desert, clusters of large, strange-looking, red and white bugs can be spotted on the foliage of mesquite trees (Prosopis spp.).
Giant Mesquite Bug nymphs are striped red and white and have plump, red and black legs, bluish wing-stubs, and large, red and black antennae with a flattened sensory disk below the terminal segment. Since Giant Mesquite Bugs feed only on the sap, tender leaves, and green seed pods of mesquite trees, they are only found in areas with plenty of these trees.

Fortunately, Giant Mesquite Bugs do not do any significant damage to mesquite trees and control for them is not necessary. This strangely colored Giant Mesquite Bug below is in the process of growing out her wings, and she is either pale from recently molting or is some sort of color mutant.
The Velvet Mesquite tree above is in my backyard, and it was not harmed by the rather creepy-looking mass of feeding Giant Mesquite Bugs.

I have never observed birds bothering Giant Mesquite Bug nymphs, and my dogs avoid any that fall on the ground.

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