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Distribution: Although they are thought to be native to Asia, house mice now have an almost worldwide distribution. If you believe you have mice it is strongly advised to get treatment as soon as possible as they reproduce thick and fast. My Pest Control Kidderminster will ensure the eradication of mice from your home or business and also give advice on future prevention. For one, as this video clearly shows, if you’re not careful and observant, you can end up having a huge infestation of mice living in your attic.
With a large family of mice, comes the major risk of contamination and a potential risk to your health. When it comes to a large infestation, you want to ensure the clean up is done right and all involved including your family are protected from any risks of contracting or passing harmful and sometimes lethal bacteria. So a few days ago, I was on a local call for mice control and as you can see in the video, everywhere I looked there was mouse feces in the attic.

So there were obviously a family of mice that were living out their life cycle in this home. Not only did I find a dead mouse and feces everywhere, as you can see in the video below, the mice had dug out holes and tunnels through all the insulation. On the other hand, you can also expect electrical issues to occur because mice love chewing on various objects including electrical wire. Like the job in this video, when this happens you’ll find many dead mice decomposing in your attic, causing fowl odours and contaminating everything in sight. You may not be able to hear rats and mice in your attic because of all the insulation, so as mentioned, our best advice to you is to make regular checks of your attic.
If so, you know why it is important to call an accredited mice control company as soon as possible. On one hand, if you have any kind of lighting or source of heat in your attic, you can rest assured mice and other wildlife will make a comfy home for themselves.

They are typically aggressive to each other, and fighting is common, although females have an aggression inhibiting hormone in their urine to prevent attack from other mice. They cause financial stress to homes and commercial properties, from chewing through electrical cables etc to large scale contaminations. House mice build tunnel systems which may be a short tunnel with just one chamber or a complex network with several exits and chambers.
Scary especially if you have young children because we know those mice don’t always stay in the attic.

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