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The New Packtite 2 Bed Bug Heater is an effective way to treat clothing, handbags, luggage, shoes, books, papers and much more. If your home already has bed bugs PackTite can be used to kill bed bugs within items that cannot be machine laundered including books, luggage, shoes and just about anything else.
Heat treatments are a safe and effective alternative to spraying your belongings with chemicals. Portable but spacious: efficient external heater design allows the PackTite 2 to be as portable as the original PackTite was while adding slightly more internal space. Includes Temperature Gauge: A combination timer and thermometer with wired probe makes it easy to gauge the progress of the treatment.
I purchased this model as a preventative when I learned that another apartment in my building had bedbugs.

The PackTite 2 has replaced the original PackTite Portable heater, offering improved reliability and heating power thanks to its new external heater design. Many bed bugs infestations occur after returning from a business trip or vacation where bed bugs were present. A bed bug heater can treat large items, or many small items, quickly and thoroughly by safely heating them to a lethal temperature.
Simply set it up, load it with items and insert the thermometer probe to monitor the temperature. Bed bugs won't approach the heaters - instead, they will instinctively try to hide deeper inside of the infested items.
It was not affected by the recall, and we believe that the manufacturer will be replacing it with a new model in the near future.

I can't yet speak to whether it kills bedbugs but I feel much better knowing I can now go on trips and have guests visit without worrying that we're bringing bedbugs into my apartment in luggage. With PackTite, you can routinely place your luggage inside the easy to use heater in order to kill all bed bug life cycles. This can offer peace of mind and greatly reduce the chance of infecting your home with bed bugs.

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