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This entry was posted in Tales from the route and tagged bad roach stories, how do roaches get out of control, how to kill roaches, old time pest control, pest infestations, roach matrix, roach nightmares. Roaches so bad that snow shovels were used to scoop them up after the service was done, rats and mice so thick that mattresses housed dozens and went flat once they were eradicated.
Looking around it didn’t seem to out of hand, there were some roaches on the wall near the archway to the kitchen and a few on the floor of the living room so thinking it wasn’t that bad I kept assuring her she was in good hands.
The longer I stood listening the more movement my eyes would catch and I began to see more and more roaches that were right in front of me the whole time.

I was struck how a woman who couldn’t see seemed to know a lot of details of the roaches movements and hiding spots which is something that those of us with good vision have trouble doing. With her hand braced against the wall 3 or 4 roaches were just hanging out past her finger tips but didn’t seem to be bothered at all.
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