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Ants and bees are surprisingly more genetically related to each other than they are to social wasps such as yellow jackets and paper wasps, a team of University of California, Davis, scientists has discovered.
Using state-of-the-art genome sequencing and bioinformatics, the researchers resolved a long-standing, unanswered evolutionary question. Ants, bees and stinging wasps all belong to the aculeate (stinging) Hymenoptera clade — the insect group in which social behavior is most extensively developed, said senior author and ant specialist Phil Ward, professor of entomology at UC Davis. The collaborators included Ward, Assistant Professor Joanna Chiu, Assistant Professor Brian Johnson, graduate student Marek Borowiec and postdoctoral researcher Joel Atallah, all with the UC Davis Department of Entomology and Nematology; and visiting scientist Ernest K.
Johnson, whose lab studies the genetics, behavior, evolution and health of honeybees, noted that the study showed that ants and bees are more closely related than previously thought.
Of particular interest was the finding that ants are a sister group to the Apoidea, a major group within Hymenoptera that includes bees and sphecid wasps (a family of wasps that includes digger wasps and mud daubers). The scientists discovered that the ancestral aculeate wasp was likely an ectoparasitoid, which attacks and paralyzes a host insect and leaves its offspring nearby where they can attach to the outside of the host and feed from it.

UC Davis is a global community of individuals united to better humanity and our natural world while seeking solutions to some of our most pressing challenges.
A very distinctively marked ground-nesting bee that often nests in large aggregations in lawns and short turf. No one likes being reminded of their afflictions, best I can tell, especially if that affliction involves bees and ants on the scalp. Scientists previously thought that ants and bees were more distantly related, with ants being closer to certain parasitoid wasps.
Eusocial behavior is characterized by cooperative brood care, overlapping adult generations and division of labor.
Located near the California state capital, UC Davis has more than 34,000 students, and the full-time equivalent of 4,100 faculty and other academics and 17,400 staff. Common and widespread across most of Britain and Ireland, and apparently increasing in both range and abundance.

It would’ve been nice to see an after-shampoo-use picture, featuring milk, honey, the Monteverdi Choir and colorful ribbons flouncing against a heaven-blue sky. The campus has an annual research budget of over $750 million, a comprehensive health system and about two dozen specialized research centers. The university offers interdisciplinary graduate study and 99 undergraduate majors in four colleges and six professional schools.

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