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Asexual - the ability to reproduce without a sexual partner, off spring will be clones of parents. Dufour’s gland – is believed to be involved with the laying of chemicals that guide other ants and perhaps the attraction of mates. Gamergates – rare female worker ants which can mate and reproduce, keeping the colony alive after the queen dies.
Genes – information passed down through generations that determine characteristics of offspring. Hymenoptera – the Order in which ants occur, the Order also includes bees, wasps and sawflies.

Major worker – the larger worker ants found in a colonies caste, also known as soldier ants. Mandibles – the ants main jaws, these are used for cutting, holding, fighting, and digging. Median workers – worker ants found in polymorphic species that are sized between minor and major workers. Nantics – first born ants that tend to be smaller than typical established colony workers. Polymorphism – the occurrence of different worker forms within a colony i.e minor, median and major workers.

Pooter – a simple device that allows the user to catch insects, typically by sucking on a tube with a filter.
Repletes – a caste of ant that stores large amounts of liquid food in its crop i.e honey pot ants.
Trophallaxis – The ‘mouth to mouth’ exchange of regurgitated liquids between adult ants or adults and the larvae.

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