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Whatever they touch is contaminated and they breed like, well, mice — which is to say, a lot.
So here you are: you think you might have a problem and want to know how to get rid of mice.
Several methods can be used for trapping mice: glue traps, poison, live traps and the tried-and-true old-fashioned mouse trap. While mice can be a nuisance, no one wants inflict pain on a living thing, so you might not have the stomach to finish the job the glue trap started.Poison is good, but has its drawbacks. Because Churchill (my cat) simply ignores mice, I use standard mouse traps (it must the most universal method to get rid of mice).

I was considering using poison for mouse control, but then I found out that my cat sometimes eats trapped mice. I think pest control services are the best option for those who are desperate to get rid of mice naturally.
I had been trying to get rid of mice for three months, and then I realized that my neighbours had the same problems.
Modern poisons are absolutely safe, I have some basic chemistry knowledge and I must admit that most of the poisons are harmless to people, children and pets, and they work for mice only. I think poisons and traps are bad not only because they are cruel methods or can do harm to your health, but because they make your house full of dead mice.

They said I had a few holes in the walls, and the mice were entering my dwelling through these holes. So, they just fixed those, put some traps, gave me some general advice on preventing mice and left.
Colder Weather Brings Mice Inside, What You Should Know More mice seem to be lurking about Safeguard Your Home Against Pests Pest control experts battle plague of mice and ratsGuidesComplete guide.

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