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Petcor Flea Spray with IGR for Cats Dogs - 16oz Buy $13.95 for Sale Fast Free Shipping Pest Supply with Cheaper! Petcor Flea Spray with IGR for Cats Dogs - 16oz kills fleas, ticks and lice with precor insect growth regulator for dogs, puppies, cats , kittens and mosquitoes. No Bite IGR Flea & Tick Spray provides long-term and effective control of fleas, ticks, and lice on your pet and in your home.

Avoid contact with genitalia.PUPPIES OVER 6 MONTHS, KITTENS OVER 7 MONTHS - Wrap the animal in a towel which has been sprayed lightly with this product. To reduce infestation, spray around sleeping area, around baseboards, windows and door frames, wall cracks, local areas of floors, and other resting places until the surface is slightly moist.

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