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Living Quarters: Social wasps build nests out of paper pulp in trees, attics, or any sheltered area with access to the outside.
The Fatal Funnel Wasp Trap is effective for all types of wasps (including hornets and yellow jackets), but not for bees. Pest Control Plus Pest Control Plus helps with control methods and in identifying right Products and Local pest control companies. Bees, wasps and hornets are all eusocial creatures that live in colonies amongst very specific hierarchy which is common to all three species.

Honey bees are honey makers and are the most commonly found bees that contribute in the pollination of over 100 crops in the US alone. They live in large colonies and build their nests mostly in the ground or a little higher on decks and patios. The bees produce honey while the wasps and hornets eat other insects that are considered as pests.
They have a smooth stinger and hence can sting multiple times and single stings can kill bees almost instantaneously.

They do not possess nest guarding instincts and though they challenge trespassers are quite harmless.

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