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Traditional traps and poisons - If you eventually manage to kill your mice with a baited spring loaded trap you then have to dispose of the body, which can be both unpleasant and distressing. Humane mouse traps - If you're interested in capturing and releasing your mice unharmed, here's how to go about it. This British-designed mouse trap has been especially developed to cause the least stress and no harm to mice when they are caught.

The door drops automatically behind the mouse when it crosses the treadle to reach the bait, and the clear plastic body means you can see at a glance when you have caught something. The wood mice below were captured using humane mouse traps and released (without handling them) away from houses. The traps are easy to bait and set, and each trap is provided with full instructions for use.

To minimise distress to captured mice, traps must be checked regularly (preferably every 2 hours), and should not be left overnight.

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