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So I looked at the electronic traps which are supposed to quickly and humanely kill a rodent. Bit the bullet and bought the Victor Electronic Pest Trap, and that night, I baited it up with the recommended peanut butter. After baiting the electronic rat trap, I turned on the Victor, and was immediately shocked, and I almost hurled that &*^%$#! Tried re-baiting the Victor Trap again the next night, only I put it in the Garage next to the kitchen door.
The last rat that got zapped, seemed to linger a while, and this makes me wonder about the humaneness of this trap. Given the last experience, the shock I got, and the other poor design features of the trap, I DO NOT Recommend this Victor Electronic Trap. Update: I continue to use the Victor Rodent Trap and have killed two mice in the past couple weeks in the garage. So I dusted off the Victor Electronic Rat Trap, and baited it with a chunk of peanut butter and jam sandwich, and a few pieces of dry dog food and place the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap along the wall I saw the rat. Next morning the blinking light was blinking, indicating I had caught and killed a rat or mouse in the Victor Rat Trap. Posted in Electronic Rat and Mouse Traps, Mouse Trap, Rat Trap, Rodent Control.Tagged mouse trap, rat trap, rodent trap. Shooting them is not going to cut down on the population any more than your trapping or poisoning did.  But it might make you feel better!

I have also had as many as 24 black boxes with traps set inside them littered all over the yard and have not caught one stupid rat that way. The Blue Atlas Cedar touching the structure can allow rats and carpenter ants to gain entry to the structure.
Trouble is they are expensive, and the only electronic mouse and rat traps my local Home Depot and Lowe’s carry are the Victor model 240 Rat and Mouse Traps.
I’ll review the Victor Electronic Trap after extended use, and report back my findings.
Instead it got shocked for at least a quarter hour, and then I had to kill it myself the next morning. Rats run around the peripheral walls of a room or a building, and you will usually have best success using any kind of rat and mouse trap by putting it next to the wall.
We were filmed to be on a show for Animal Planet on rats in the 5 boroughs and had 2 exterminating companies here with a film crew and they tried helping. Had and still have a rat issue ever since I went off to school and was not there to pull the food tins in the house at night. I can only trap a few before they get wise, and have to wait a few weeks before setting again or nobody will go into them. I was not entirely sure if it was a rat or a mouse, and so was unsure of what rat trap to get.
And the traditional mice and rat traps very often miss and catch only a foot or tail which seems awfully cruel to these rodents.

No dead mouse or rat, and no flashing light on the Victor Electronic Rat and Mouse Trap that indicates a killing or tripping of the electronic circuit. My Victor M240 Electronic Mouse Trap Review really tested my patience, and humane sensibilities.
Glue traps are just wicked in concept and usage and seem to be designed for torture of the mouse or rat.
There even seem to be a lot of those ultra-sonic traps which are supposed to repel mice, rats and even bugs. I’ve not gotten shocked again, but I will say that I only turn it on when it is flat on the ground, and then I flip the switch without touching anything else on the Victor Trap. You’d think that a Rat Zapper such as the Victor Rodent Trap would do a better job, have a battery indicator, and have the power to zap a rat. You'll only get the dumb ones which sit long enough for you to hit, and you'll have to learn how to handle the air rifle as a firearm, such as know what is down range, finger off the trigger, treat as loaded, keep safety on and so on. So, the question is how to catch a rat with a trap, kill it humanely, and rid my house of rats and mice forever. I was in their coop tonight closing the trap door and you could hear the rats scurrying in the coop and under.

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