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This week on Trapping TV we are showing how to trap and catch raccoon when it’s below¬†freezing, ice and cold. Also, he says if a coyote can kill 12 sheep while snares are set, the method isn’t working. While OSU has removed the traps, Fahy says he has not been assured that the lethal methods won’t be brought back.
Fahy has worked with Congressman Peter DeFazio to end federal funding for Wildlife Services, which kills predators through means such as trapping, aerial gunning and poisons. For the trapper that understands what raccoons do in the cold weather, the season is much longer than most trappers think it is. HendrickThe clock was ticking by the time I caught up with Randy Smith at his home in western Pennsylvania.

He told me on the phone that it had rained so hard down there it had taken him until 2 a.m. It is not as hard as some folks make it out, but it does a change from early season raccoon trapping.
We also have a neat interview with Randy Smith from PA talking about catching 1,300 raccoons in PA in the snow and ice.
When he anchors the traps, he runs the cable around one of the small trees that are everywhere in the Pennsylvania landscape. He has eliminated his use of clips due to losses, finding that if there is a way out, a raccoon will find it.One cool trick Randy employs is to shove a piece of soft air line hose over the trigger of his DPs. The hose feels soft to the raccoon, making the animal more apt to pull on it thinking it is something to chow.

Thirty years of running coonhounds in the Pennsylvania mountains has taught him when the raccoons will run and where.
Male raccoons travel the ridges from one denning area to another looking for action during the rut in February.
When trapping raccoons on Long Island, New York I have successfully trapped raccoons using a wide variety of baits.
In Predator Calling, Blair teaches you the tricks, tips and techniques he has honed in his many years of predator hunting.

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