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Category: Bed Bug Bites | 28.11.2015
With all the bed bug cases reported and publicized since years ago, by now, surely you already know that the pests could infest any place. My Cleaning Products, Bed Bug Bully’s manufacturer, is actually giving out complimentary samples of the solution. However, the hotel industry is not the only one hurt by the spike of bed bugs in SF hotels. With certain steps though, you could save yourself and even your entire home from the presence of bed bugs.

No matter how clean or well-guarded it is, the sneaky vampire-like insects could penetrate it.
And although that gave the pest operators more work, that just made bed bugs an even bigger scourge to the hotel business. And too bad for the San Francisco hotel operators and managers, they have to deal with that hate more often than before and than other big cities today. With one prepared, you could immediately control bed bugs in case they get past those preventive steps.

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