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When staying in a hotel it is a good idea to inspect your room for bed bugs as soon as you arrive.
Bring a small flashlight with you when going to stay at a hotel; this will make it easier to inspect your room.
Another important place to inspect for bed bugs that is often overlooked is the luggage rack or valet. If you find bed bugs in your hotel room notify the front desk immediately and ask to be moved to a new room, which is not next door to the room where you found bed bugs. When staying in a hotel it is a good idea to bring along a large plastic bag to put your dirty clothes into.
If you stay in a hotel room and are worried about bed bugs take these precautions when you return home to reduce the risk of bringing bed bugs into your home. Shoes can be wiped down with a damp cloth and hot water to reduce the risk of them being infested with bed bugs.

Symptom of a potential bed bug infestation can show up in tiny brown, black spots on the mattresses and bedding. Some other bed bugs signs will be empty eggshells and their exoskeletons when they go through the molting stage.
These will pile up in crevices and cracks of the bedframe or along the seams of the mattress. Bed bugs like to set up home in areas where human dwell where they can constantly feed on a host.
You do not want to unpack or settle in until you have checked to see if there are bed bugs in your room. As soon as you arrive, keep your suitcase on the floor away from the bed or place it in the bathroom. Bed bugs can smell the chemical that we leave behind on our clothing and are attracted to this smell.

Putting dirty clothing into a plastic bag will reduce the chance that you will get bed bugs on these items, and then bring them home with you. The suitcase can then be stored inside a large plastic bag or box to insure, in the unlikely event that bed bugs did hitchhike, they cannot move from your suitcase into your home. Never put your suitcase, clothes or personal items on the bed as this is the most common way to get bed bugs in your possessions and transfer them to your home. Once you have insured that these areas do not have bed bugs move on to other furniture in the room, especially upholstered chairs.

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