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I seriously don’t blame you for wanting to move out and can only imagine the frustration of living with bed bugs and your landlord not doing anything about it. See, bed bugs aren’t just in your apartment, they are most likely in your mattress, box springs, pillow, furniture and even your clothes!
If you spoken to the landlord, and they haven’t addressed the problem, call your local county health department. Once your problem is finally solved, we would highly recommend purchasing bed bug mattress covers and box spring covers before you do.

When you move into your new place, take active bed bug prevention steps to keep from getting infected again. Inspect your luggage and suitcases, as well as any boxes you may be using for your move. When you arrive at your new place empty the contents outside and discard the boxes. I would also recommend you inspect the bookcase before you introduce it to your new home. While there may not be an issue with it, inspecting the cracks and crevices of the case is an appropriate precaution. We may have just the solution, in fact, your question may have already been asked by someone else!

Bed bugs can hitchhike in them, and these cannot be treated with products, as components may be damaged. I want to move, but don't know my rights here or how to move without leaving everything behind to avoid bringing the bugs with me to a new place.

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