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The children gathered the hay to make their own scarecrow just like Curious George’s scarecrow, No-Noggin.
They can’t wait to use their feathers they brought to make their Indian hats and turkeys for ThanksgivingMusic and Movement: The autumn leaves action song. But we teach in such a way that learning becomes a natural process for the children and once that is instilled in the children learning becomes not only fun but easy for them. Soon their knowledge base grows and grows as does their capacity for knowledge.  Where most places take the children to the pumpkin patch one day to pick out a pumpkin we have spent many days out in our own little pumpkin patch watching first hand just how a pumpkin grows from a little seed, to a yellow or green pumpkin, and finally to an orange pumpkin.

This week the children learned that Columbus set sail across the ocean with three ships in search of new land.
Our little explorers pretended our clubhouse climber was their boat and used their hands as telescopes to search for distant lands. We are learning about the ordinal numbers 1st through 5th as we sing.  Ask your child to show you the movements that go along with their song. Thank you to Cole’s family for the yummy watermelon they grew in their garden, and thank you to Trinity’s family for all the delicious tomatoes you brought.

This week the children put on a spider costume and turned into an eight legged arachnid for the spider and fly game.  They took turns being the spider and chased the flies, their friends, to catch them in their web.
The children painted their wiggling feet white at Art to make little ghosts and painted everything orange when they made jack-o-lantern masks.

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