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It was getting to the point we couldn’t be outside on our deck which is one of our favorite spots in the summer. Over the last few years of not trying to do anything to eradicate the wasps and hornets, it led to a huge population boom. I can tell you that by us having one successful trap it has lowered the population of wasps and hornets on the south side of our house just in the area where we have it hanging along our deck.
My goal in sharing this post was for others to know there are non-toxic ways to manage your wasp and hornet problem. One was a common plastic one you see a lot of other folks using and the other one was a pretty glass hive shaped bee trap.

We tried to live in harmony with them and let them be but this year there were even more nests and the population was out of control.
After a few days of seeing them trying to get into the plugged up nest, they were getting inside the house somehow, in the master bedroom where I was sleeping with the baby. When it was just us we managed, but this year we have our little nugget.  When those nasty wasps and hornets started landing on and near her we decided the bee killing war was on! At least now I have a really great, natural way to get rid of them and drive them away from our house! You are responsible for your own health decisions so please do your own research before using any natural products, remedies, plants, herbs or essential oils.

We have always hung our glass hive in the area where the wasps and hornets frequent which happens to not be near my flower gardens.

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