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The sugar in the mixture has no other purpose than attracting the cockroaches to it and causing them to eat it. Some experts suggest adding additional ingredients to the mixture, such as powdered yeast, vitamin C, or boric acid. It is important to note however that this bait will temporarily increase the amount of cockroaches in the area, as they are drawn to the new and abundant food source. However, you should definitely see a noticeable reduction in the cockroach population within 2-3 days.
Even when you kill all of the cockroaches living in your home, you will still want to think about how to prevent new ones from coming in.

New research suggests that due to humans attempting to bait cockroaches with sugar, we may actually be causing cockroach populations to evolve in such a way that they avoid it! It has been shown, as outlined here, that some cockroaches are now perceiving sugar as bitter, and undesirable. One such remedy claimed to work for a cockroach infestation is to use a mixture of baking soda and sugar.
It releases more gas when activated, thus increasing the likelihood of killing the cockroach.
Although these new roaches are growing averse to glucose and sucrose, they are still attracted to fructose (fruit sugar) and maltose (found in beer).

This means that if your sugar traps are ineffective, they can be slightly altered to still trick cockroaches into falling for them.

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