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Ventilate the room more often, especially in winter – cockroaches and some other insects are killed at a temperature of 8 degrees below zero.
When you destroy all the insects, you will notice that the number of spiders has decreased. If you are tired of getting rid of these insects and want to find a really working natural way to kill spiders, try to make repairs. Perhaps, they did it thousands years ago when people lived in caves and houses made of wood and stone.

Nowadays, humans don’t want to see them in their houses as they cause some discomfort by cobwebbing and their scary look. Some people believe that spiders in a house are a good sign which means prosperity and health. Furthermore, they are the greatest natural pest control spiders and other insects which are completely harmless for people. When you have cleaned up each room, make sure that your doors, windows and porch has no holes or fissures.

If a spider has bitten you and you see that your bite is swelling, reddening and itching, call the doctor immediately.

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