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Click the button below to add the Liquid Ladybug Organic Spider Mite Killer 16oz RTU to your wish list. Spray two days in a row then wait six days and apply a third application to kill any remaining eggs that may have survived the first two treatments.
Spider mites are very small and vulnerable insects protected only by the sheer number of eggs it lays. The Egg Phase In a month a single egg laying adult can lay enough eggs, hatching enough new mites to produce 1,000,000 new eggs.

It is far safer to not use something so strong it can kill mite eggs and risk damaging your crop. Freshly hatched mite nymphs are easy targets for Liquid Ladybug and present no risk to the plant or the gardener! Simple re application timed to kill hatching mite eggs removes the remaining possible egg laying mites. The aromatic oils and esters in Liquid Ladybug rapidly coat and are absorbed to suffocate the mite and dissolve its respiratory and digestive track.

Adult Egg-Laying Mite Once again, reaching the adult egg-laying phase is either delayed or accelerated by temperature or stopped in its tracks by Liquid Ladybug.

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