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If you've got a mouse in the house or just need to defend your store or warehouse, this is one hardcore 21st century mouse-catching solution that doesn't mess around and is perfectly safe around kids and pets (except for a pet mouse of course). Remember The Trap Man gives you E mail help for as long as you own your trap, just quote your invoice number. So unless we build a better cat, the world is once again in need of a better mousetrap like the cool new Victor Multi-Kill - Electronic Mouse Trap.

This fully-automated electronic mousetrap humanely kills and disposes up to 10 mice without resetting and is one of the fastest, easiest and most effective solutions on the market today. Once inside they'll need to walk along 3 electrically charged plates to reach the bait, but internal sensors will quickly detect them and unleash a high voltage shock for an instant kill. Once dead, the Shock N' Drop Chamber rotates to drop the mouse into a collection drawer below that holds up to 10 dead mice for later disposal.

You'll know you've caught one (or a few), because the trap has a blinking green light on the outside to indicate a kill.

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