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People find millipedes under mulch, piles of dead leaves, or under piles of grass clipping. As they move around, many millipedes move into the living space of the home—often in great numbers.
Eggs are deposited in the soil; most species reach sexual maturity in the second year and live several years after that.
Other than the sightings of the millipedes, there aren’t many distinct signs of their presence. In an emergency, a vacuum cleaner or a shop-type vacuum can be used to remove millipedes from walls and floors.

A millipede treatment plan usually begins with an inspection by your pest management professional to locate the source of the millipedes and how they are getting inside the home. Non-chemical components of the millipede treatment plan will emphasize preventing millipedes from getting inside the home and taking actions outside to reduce the suitable harborage sites that favor millipede populations. If millipedes do gain entrance, using vacuums to remove millipedes is often an effective alternative to using chemical products.
The millipedes can feed on dead leaves that have blown into the crawl space or small pieces of damp or decaying wood. They also enter homes from the garage or by coming up from the crawl space through the floor.

However, millipedes have also been seen migrating after a heavy rain has flooded their habitat.

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