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It was back in January when I wrote about pantry pests but I never gave much thought to pesky fruit flies.
Most people wouldn’t give a second thought to seeing a few fruit flies around the house but when you kill fruit flies and they return daily you know there is a bigger problem lurking. When we got back from our summer trip we brought plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables back from our relatives gardens.
Anyways, our tomatoes sat on the counter for about a week and we started to see fruit flies hanging around the kitchen. We thought that the fruit flies would disappear once we got rid of the tomatoes and for the most part we thought we were home free. This is not an exclusive list but are many of the reasons I located online about why fruit flies may potentially be in your home.
I was not shocked to find out fruit flies may be in our house because of any of the below reasons but we needed to solve the problem, not mask it.
Just because you have fruit flies in your kitchen doesn’t mean you are a slob and have a dirty kitchen.
According to Wise Geek, Fruit flies will lay their eggs in the food they are enjoying and a female can lay up to 500 eggs where she can mate more than once in her life-cycle. The obvious first step was to remove any and all fruit and vegetables from our kitchen counters. The fruit fly life span from what I could see was about 2-3 days after hatching because they would make their way to the kitchen and once we killed them another batch was soon on the way. If you want to get rid of fruit flies you must clean up the kitchen and other areas that contain food such as the basement, cold room and recycling bins. Nope, they were back again the next day so we were on a mission to catch fruit flies no matter what it took.
You can set a fruit fly trap with a bowl, rotting fruit and plastic wrap which seemed reasonable to me.

We opted not to do this because we didn’t want to be responsible for killing them after catching them. Another fruit fly trap you can test is putting a tall jar with rotting fruit and using a paper cone on the top to lure the fruit flies in. With-in seconds there were fruit flies coming together as if they just won the food lottery. As you can tell from the photo above we caught the fruit flies and it all happened fairly fast. Sure enough after reading about how fruit flies love beer I instantly thought of the grapefruit beer cans and bottles I was storing outside of the cold room. Sure enough when I checked them there were fruit flies having a party so I immediately got rid of the cans, cleaned up the area and we have had no fruit flies since. Needless to say, my wife is happy and so am I but now that we know all about fruit flies you can bet that we will make the right choices about how to clean and store our fruits, vegetables and beer cans! If you have a fruit fly infestation it may be time to call in the professionals so they can come and spray your house.
Be proactive and kill fruit flies from the moment you see them and source out the problem spot. Over time you will gradually learn where you should and shouldn’t go in the grocery store or at least how to say no, I’m on a budget I need to buy this or that. If you have just joined The Grocery Game Challenge 2015 get ready to dive deep into your grocery budget and learn just where you are spending, how much you are spending and what you are saving. I’ve heard of using variations of your fruit fly trap to use outside for wasps and the like. Some people like to wash and cut their fruits and vegetables so they are ready for the week. If you rent a room and cook in your room or store any sugary foods, fruits or vegetables in your room you can get fruit flies.

The only fruit we had out were bananas and in another bowl we had a red onion and organic garlic. I read that you could spray the fruit flies with a homemade mixture of soap, water and vinegar or rubbing alcohol. We got about 6 or 7 a day and we knew that just because we were killing fruit flies didn’t mean that solved the problem.
Fruit flies should be taken seriously because before you know it you could have up to 500 or more of them over for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My wife again was struggling with this so I got to work doing my homework to see what the cause of these fruit flies could be.
Once you set up my fruit fly trap that I will share with you today you will see just how fast they take the bait.
This will help get rid of any fruit flies that are hanging out inside the drain because food peels or other food bits got caught inside.
By morning you should have caught all of the fruit flies in the bowl where you could empty them out and kill them. With a new baby I wouldn’t suggest running around spraying any form of chemical in the air to kill fruit flies. Those pests have caused me to work on produce that I didn’t necessarily have time for but had to make the time so that the flies would partially go away.
How many people can see what is going on unless they start ripping down walls or going in the attic.

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