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Getting rid of flies in the house naturally is first and foremost by making sure that your house and surroundings are completely clean.
Other home remedies to get rid of flies include an old practice of using apples and cloves.
Moreover houseflies have this uncanny habit of bombarding the peace and quiet of one’s home.
Immaculate personal and family hygiene is the easiest take on how to get rid of flies in the house naturally. It is believed that flies cannot bear the smell of cloves and therefore will leave that place till where the smell carries.
Mosquitoes are easy to kill but houseflies are quicker in flight and messier when they are swatted and killed. With the onset of summers the number of houseflies increase and the simplest natural remedies for flies is to make sure that the garbage cans in your house are always covered. It is one of the most useful natural remedies to get rid of houseflies naturally and quickly. Covering the garbage inside your house and in the areas surrounding your house will help to get rid of flies in the house quickly.
Pierce the cloves into the apples all around and then leave it near the place that you have found to have a lot of flies.

During the summer as the number of flies generally increases you can place these apples with the cloves in strategic places, like near windows, doors or on the table, kitchen counter. Since these flies are attracted to light you can use two easy home remedies to get rid of flies.
You will notice that the flies move towards that one room with the light and tend to fix themselves on the ceilings and walls.
This could be a good time to use a swatter and swat the flies or else you could also use some soapy water.
With great care try you could then go towards the flies on the ceiling and try to cover them with the glass.
Use the refrigerator to store food that you usually keep out or in rare cases make sure that you cover the food with other utensils so that the food doesn’t attract flies.
Though this is a painstaking task it is a slow but operative way to get rid of flies in the house. These UV traps attract the flies and as they near the trap they are electrified and killed. You can cover certain food items with this kind of fly paper and you will find that at the end of the day there will be a few flies at least that would have gotten stuck to the paper and died. This UV trap is useful not just for flies but also one of the beneficial home remedies to get rid of roaches and mosquitoes.

Then you just need to make sure that you dispose of the fly paper in the right way so that the dead flies don’t end up attracting more flies. Other than these home remedies for getting rid of flies, if you face a big swarm of flies on a regular basis then you can also ask for professional help for using insecticides. Fly traps are said to emit a certain smell which attracts the flies and acts as bait to the fly.
But on the whole cleanliness and perfect hygiene is the key to how to get rid of flies in the house through home remedies. The advantage of this kind of a trap is that a large number of flies can be caught at the same time and easily be done away with.
Make sure your surroundings are clean and that that you are able to seal all entry points of the flies. This is the most important home remedy for flies and therefore a safeguard against communicable diseases.

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