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Begin Slideshow11 nightmare-inducing bugs you’ll find right here in Canada of Jumping spidersJumping spiders “are among the most beautiful and delightful of all arthropods,” write these (possibly insane) biologists at the University of Alberta .
Tags: how to kill scorpions, get rid of scorpions, getting rid of scorpions, scorpions, pest control austin, professional pest control austin, exterminator austin, general pest control. Scorpions are related to spiders, and whether a hunting spider like the brown recluse or a webbing spider like the black widow, they all capture their pray live.

Although the female spider’s bite is deadly to small children, pets and the infirm, they’re unlikely to kill healthy adults. Furthermore, black widow spiders only bite humans when provoked.ThinkstockBedbugsSure, bedbugs won’t kill you, they’ll just destroy your spirit. Once these persistent little bloodsuckers get into your home, it will take fumigators and dozens of laundry loads before you’re rid them.

ThinkstockTicksLet’s be serious for a moment, because Lyme disease — the bacterial infection spread by black legged ticks — is nasty and on the rise.

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