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There are lots of ways to get rid of ants without using the typical stinky spray pesticides which harm us and our environment.
Of course, it goes without saying, a clean, crumb-free house is less likely to be invaded by ants than a dirty house. Ants don’t like vinegar so make a 50-50 combination of water and vinegar and spray all the areas where ants might be crawling into your home. Squirt lemon juice on outdoor edges.  Ants don’t like citrus and the smell of lemon juice will keep them away.
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Baby Powder:  You can dust this directly on to the ants when you see them and at all entry points where you think they might be entering.
Cucumber Peelings: Leave cucumber peelings in the areas where ants appear, these peelings are toxic to ants and will ward them off.

Coffee Grounds: These can be spread around your house, but the best place for the grounds is the garden. Baking Soda & Powdered Sugar:  If your looking to do more then keeping ants away use this little mixture to kill the small intruders!
Cinnamon: Using this in the powdered form or in an essential oil spray can do wonders for keeping ants away and is easy to clean up.
Cornmeal: This is best used out on your deck to get ants away from your patio or garden area.
I just did my wood floor around my computer desk with vinegar water and I have not seen any ants… even the mice disappeared!!! In a ziplock bag, mix together 1 small can of cat food with some borax (20 Mule; like for the washing machine), with gloves on, pinch off a small ball and place where the ants are coming into your house. One natural tip that DOES work, though, is collecting used coffee grounds and putting them on top of the ants nests in your yard.

If your house looks like a scene from the 1950’s movie “Them,” it’s time to fight back! The experts at Hollywood Storage Center of Thousand Oaks would like to share some easy green cleaning ways to get rid of those pesky ants without all the harmful fumes.
They start showing up one by one, and before you know it you have a colony roaming around your house and no way to get rid of them.

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