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One of the most common jobs that I deal with as a nuisance wildlife control professional is a case of squirrels in the attic. The problem is that there are almost always baby squirrels in the attic, along with an adult female. Many people who want to know how to get squirrels out of the attic believe that they must set squirrel traps in the attic, as seen below. The truth is that it's very hard to trap squirrels in the attic, and they almost NEVER enter cage traps inside the attic. Click here for a nationwide list of 100's of professional squirrel trappers serving all 50 states.

STEP 3 - Once they're all out, trapped and relocated, seal up the final entry hole, with steel, so no new squirrels can chew in again. We've had that squirrel in our attic (not properly attic, it's the roof of our carport) for about 3 weeks. The point here is that it's often a very difficult job to get squirrels out of your attic and there's many considerations.
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Wherever it is, it's easy to mount a special repeater trap right on the hole, and catch the target squirrels as they vacate the house - which they do several times each day - for food and water.

There's also the matter of the mess the squirrels have left behind in the attic, which often must be cleaned up.

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