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These tiny ants get attracted to the smell of food items and kitchen is the perfect source of food for them. To get rid of these tiny creatures from kitchen, you have to very careful in opting  a suitable method.
Ants will eat this and take some to their nest which in turn will kill other members of them including queen.
Readymade borax baits are also available in the market if you find it cumbersome to prepare it at home. Lemons as you know are acidic in nature, this acidity and their scent act as a good deferent to ant trails. You can even wipe the shelves and other crawling areas of ants in kitchen with lemon juice. Yes, just draw lines around food containers  with this Vaseline, it will deter the ant trail due its slippery properties.

DE is made up of silica and silica is known for its moisture absorbing properties.DE cuts the outer skin of ants and dehydrates them to death. Did you know that residual coffee or most commonly called coffee grounds bear scent which is not liked by ants. Ants love to consume both the food articles but die after some time after eating them as they are too heavy for them to digest. Place these plantations near suspected entry points otherwise you can also place their leaves inside cupboards , window slits or wall cracks .
By following certain guidelines, you can prevent ant infestation in kitchen and once you have cleared infestation, it is very important to keep them away thereafter also. You can often find these hardworking , disciplined ants marching towards kitchen in a trail.
You cannot use any toxic or chemical means in kitchen because of food and other household utensils.

Shower DE in  every nook and corners of kitchen be it cupboards slits , near drainage pipe of sink or any window panes. So just put coffee grounds in a bowl and keep it near residual food or any other already identified crawling area in the kitchen.
By maintaining cleanliness and hygiene of kitchen, invasion of ants can be controlled to great effect.

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