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It can be very disturbing to see fleas and ticks lingering all over your beloved pet’s coat. Wash your bed sheets, sofa throws, bathroom rugs and anything else the pets like to sleep on.
How To Get Rid Of Fleas and Ticks Naturally [Infographic]That is all from us and ticks on pets. These ideas will have those fleas and ticks running and are even extremely effective at deterring flies and mosquitoes as well!
Though driving the fleas from your pet is quite simple, keeping them away by also removing them from hiding spots on furniture, bedding, carpet, etc is not typically such an easy task. Similar to the first suggestion, you can also mix a healing, cleansing mixture to spray on your dog using herbal or plant oils.

However, using food grade Diatomaceous Earth, a completely safe and non-toxic substance, you can easily dehydrate and eliminate all fleas as well as ones that may arrive in the future, without harming any people or pets in the home. Be sure to dust a fine layer wherever your pet sleeps or sits on a regular basis, anywhere in cracks and crevices throughout the home, as well as any carpets or large cloths, furniture, etc. When your dog starts rubbing his body against your carpet or couch, the whole family becomes exposed to these blood sucking pests. These will keep fleas and ticks off of your dog entirely, curing any infestation and restoring skin and coat as well as overall health. There are two varieties of Diatomaceous Earth however, so be certain that you are using only the all natural food grade variety as it is finer, chemical free and completely effective. Protecting your entire home, laundry hampers, carpeting, sleeping areas – pillows, beds, mattresses, blankets, etc is a good idea to fully deal with the problem, particularly when dealing with an infestation.

Unfortunately, they are always full of chemicals and can possibly bring harmful side effects to your pets. It will also keep away any new fleas they may be picking up outdoors, will deter or remove ticks and will even keep flies and mosquitoes from biting or attacking them as well!
And that is why HNBT will be sharing with you some of the most effective and natural preventatives to get rid of fleas and ticks. Later, rub just a few drops of oil onto the bandana and tie it around your doggie’s neck.

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