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Use our tips, if you want to know how to get rid of sugar ants, and remember: never let these insects look for food and shelter in your house, because pretty soon they, and not you, will become owners of your place. I’m living in a nightmare of all types of ants and in the last 2 months I’ve been invade with sugar ants !! So the ants invading my apartment are coming from these trees outside here in FL(trees that drop green acorns). Use 409 and spray it all around but make sure you spray on the ant because then they can’t get out and so they drown in the chemicals.
However, I would gladly deal with the insects to get away from the possibility of freezing to death in minutes should my car break down on a road.
Aw quit whining, and turn up the heat, I’ll bet these guys wish for a few bucks a month they could just turn down the ants with a thermostat like device.
I too had problems with ants and studied them for two years with several types of organic and pesticides.
My house has had problems with sugar ants come just about every summer, and I would love to take some preventative measures this year. If you fumigate the whole car, prepare for a nasty residue everywhere, keep using raid as you see them.

So, remove the source from the car, clean the car really well, shop-vac the whole interior, and set your bait. Start with the outside area to find out how these pests enter your home: check windows, doors, pavements, fence lines, accent lights, etc. If you don’t have an opportunity to do this regularly, use strong garbage bags, as weak ones get punctured and let liquids drip out. Take 1 tbsp organic boric acid, 1 tbsp maple syrup (honey or peanut butter), 1 cracker and a small cardboard box.
I love the levity of the comments posted here — although, I too am looking at a trail of sugar ants that never ends (along side the baseboard in my kitchen). I noticed when I got the car home, there were ants coming out of the radio and the cup holder.
A good way to really shake them out is to spray all the areas you won't contact regularly with RAID or whatever else you have handy, then bomb around some back roads for a bit to build heat and get them moving.
Last place I lived the landlord complained they could do nothing about the mice,roaches,fleas & ants as they wete broke and could not possibily afford it. However, if the problem isn’t solved by doing that I will probably call in professionals to help.

This terro with arsenic, looked like honey and you put a small drop of it on a little piece of card about the size of a quarter. Besides, vacuuming is helpful in getting rid of food remains like meat, vegetables or bread crumbs that attract sugar ants. Anyway we tried ALL of the above suggestions for the sugar ants with absolutely NO reduction or extermination of the sugar ant numbers. There would not be any dead ants on the counter, either, they all took some nectar back to their hill and fed it to their aunts, uncles and cousins. My carpenter ants foraged at around sundown and 10 every nite They dont eat wood but chew thru it.

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