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I always refer to spider mites as one of the three marijuana plant plagues, with the other two being powdery mildew and heat. Fortunately, there is quite a bit of information about spider mites and marijuana plants.Below are a few articles that I found by legendary marijuana grower Ed Rosenthal, along with some YouTube videos that I thought was helpful when dealing with spider mites. To remove most of the mites as the plants are moved outdoors, spray the plants with water using a hose with a nozzle.

One is that they have re-colonized your garden from outside and the other is that your knock-down spray, while highly effective, didn’t get every last mite. They can ride in on the air stream or thrill-slide through an unfiltered vent system to a veritable sea of green. If the CO2 were turned up a lot higher the mites would be able to breathe as long as there was adequate oxygen in the air.

They are much more effective in controlling rodents than insects.There are a lot of approaches to eliminating mites.

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