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Below is a list of things you can use to get rid of slugs.Getting Rid of Slugs the Natural WayDiatomaceous Earth - Diatomaceous Earth, more commonly known as DE, is the fossilized remains of the era of sea-going creatures and dinosaurs. You can trust DE when it comes to killing slugs because it dehydrates them once they get in contact with it. Just remember to stay away from stale beer because that is what a slug likes.To use beer to get rid of slugs, set up old margarine tubs or commercial traps at the top of the soil.
The pellets should be scattered around the damaged plants to get rid of the slugs without using poison.

Using iron phosphate does not only help you get away with these pests, but it also makes your garden soil richer because of the extra iron you are adding to it.Coffee – Research shows that caffeine is effective when it comes to getting rid of slugs.
Use a mulch of coffee grounds to surround the damaged plants.Copper – Slugs are always in shock every time they come in contact with copper, so get copper plant guards. The old leaves of lettuce will also go a long way in helping you get rid of slugs.Boards – Your garden beds must be covered with old planks of boards so that the slugs will crawl under the boards to hide from the scorching heat of the sun. Encourage mature lightning bugs to breed by turning off the lights at night, and the soil in your garden filled with slugs should be moist.Vinegar – Vinegar is effective in killing slugs, so get some and spray it areas where slugs gather.

Ants are predators; they crawl into small spaces and nest in dark moist dirt and rotten vegetables.

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