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One of the contributing factors to the reputation of the good turf grasses which we can grow in the British Isles is the fact that we seldom suffer from extremes of weather, such as excessive heat or continued drought. Although turf is a continual attraction for lawn insects, it can support a large population without serious harm particularly if it is in good condition, poor or hungry turf is vulnerable and likely to get worse. Ants may be all over the lawn but they have nests and these can be located by sprinkling a little granulated sugar around.
In most cases it is the grubs or larvae of the insect, be it moth or beetle, which damage the grass. Most of us, however, want a smooth weed-free lawn composed of fine grasses and anything that we can do to eliminate the worms is desirable.
However, one of the first lines of defence against lawn pests, as with all other plants, is to produce strong healthy growth.

What usually happens in the case of ants on the lawn is that their tunnels allow the soil to dry out around the roots of the plants, often causing the grass to die. They are sometimes found on established lawns too, usually near the edge of a flower bed from which they migrate to eat the tender grass roots. Personally I mix sugar with any of the powders I use for this purpose so that the ants can carry the insecticide down into the nest.
In America, where grass farms may be anything up to two thousand acres in extent, nematodes cause millions of pounds worth of damage every year to cultivated turf. In the process of being digested, toxic substances are added and for just over a week this substance is capable of killing grasses. Ornamental turf grass lawns can grow quite happily, and indeed better, without the assistance of worms.

Where the grass is used as a play area as distinct from a purely ornamental lawn, carbaryl is probably the most desirable to use. In the meantime, however, due to the plastic nature of the cast, air is excluded and the grasses beneath can die out over an area sometimes 3 inches in diameter.

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