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Roly polys may be an alarming sight in the house or garden, but they're mostly harmless. Pill bug or roly poly, potato bug or wood louse — you may know them by a variety of names, but you’ve probably seen one, or maybe a thousand, if you’ve ever turned over a rock outside.
The little gray, black or brown critters that roll into a ball when threatened, are not really dangerous, but let’s face it, they’re ICKY, especially in large numbers.
Learn more about what makes these creatures tick, and how to get rid of them, from highly rated pest control experts on Angie’s List. Not a bugThough they look like insects, they’re more closely related to shrimp and crayfish. A little moisture, pleaseJeff King, owner of highly rated ABES Pest Control in Florence, Kentucky, says he most often gets calls about pill bugs when heavy rains saturate the soil.
Seal it upExpansion gaps and cracks in the foundation or basement tend to be the most frequent problem areas, and King suggests sealing or caulking them.

If the roly polys find snug, moist areas in the home, they can survive longer, so make sure to eliminate any wet or damp spots. If you really want to keep them out of your mulch, Knudsen recommends a soil drench treatment, which applies an insecticide directly into the soil and also kills many other types of pests. He says the cost depends on the size of the area treated, but generally ranges from $100 to $300. On newer homes that don't have a lot of peeling paint, the prep can be very minimal even as low as a couple or a few hundred dollars for the prep labor. Gas-powered mowers, chemical fertilizers and weed killers--all nasty stuff that gets into everyone's air, soil, and water. By re-subscribing at the Indiana State Fair in 2012, I think I paid $20.00 per year for a multi- year subscription. It's better habitat for wildlife, especially the pollinators on which our food supply depends.

At the other extreme--and I hope my memory isn't faulty about this--I think the price, for my area, for ONE year was an outrageous $70.00. Painting that home with one coat of paint and a different color on the trim could run roughly $1000 or more just for labor.
I like Angie's List, but if some of the companies they monitor behaved the way they do in this respect, they'd be on some sort of Pages of Unhappiness. Otherwise, the contractor could bid at a Sherwin-Williams $60 per gallon paint and then paint the house with $35 Valspar and pocket the difference.

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