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Palmetto Bugs, also identified as water bugs or American Cockroaches, are not afraid of you at all.
Do away with the standing water and possible sources of garbage or wastes within the area of your house in order to discourage the arrival and reproduction of Palmetto bugs.
Take advantage of the easily available cockroach baits in the market and use them to get rid of palmetto bugs in your home sweet home. Remove all the sources of water or keep them covered all the time as moisture attracts these exasperating house pets and provide with a reason to survive.
All these insects really have much in common, but, of course, the differences between them exist. Australian cockroaches are similar in appearance to the American roaches, they are also reddish-brown and have wings.
Florida Woods Roaches are also known as Stink Roaches, because they produce foul-smelling fluids to protect themselves from predators. The main problem with them is that they are really creepy, these huge cockroaches living in your house, walking on walls and ceilings. And you must get used to the thought that while gardening or just walking in the street you may come across them at any moment.
Though the natives of Florida claim that it is impossible, there’s no harm in trying. Palmetto bugs are especially active in cold weather: they look for warmth in the people’s houses.
Of course the situation will be aggravated if a female Palmetto Bug drops an egg capsule, so make sure that the creature is destroyed or swept away from your house.
Did you want to find out how to effectively get rid of moles like a pro – read this guide. If you have already found out where your intruders are hiding, you may sweep them one by one on the dust pan and take away.
If you think that having the poison around your house is too dangerous, there exists a great natural insecticide. Boric acid dust is good against Palmetto Bugs, too, though it must be applied very carefully. I like this article, it really gave me some good ideas of how to minimize these hideous pests, thank you. The simplest, safest and cheapest solution is to simply run steaming hot water down your drain every day or so. I just bought a home in Florida and came out to the kitchen in the middle of the night and saw something scurrying on my kitchen counter top. I was surprised to see that the article said that palmetto bugs don’t come into the home.
Seal all the openings around doors, windows and walls of your house or caulk them properly. Keep the internal environment of your house clean to make it unattractive for the palmetto bugs.
Once they breed in your surroundings, you simply cannot stop them from entering into your zone. Moreover, fix up all the leaking sinks, taps, tubs, faucets and showers to make conditions miserable for the palmetto bugs.

It can lead to misunderstandings and confusions, so if you are planning to use any chemical Palmetto Bug killer it is necessary to consult a professional: they can identify the species. But they are obviously smaller than the American roaches, being approximately 40 mm in size. And their living habits are much alike as well: they all tend to live in Palmetto trees (that is where the name “Palmetto Bugs” comes from). The dissimilarity seen with the naked eye is that beetles have a hard outer covering on their wings. Very rarely they can contaminate your food with bacteria, such as Salmonella; also body parts and excretion of these pests may sometimes cause allergy. For these cases it is good to keep bug spray at hand to use it at once when you see the pest. What is rubbish for you may be a delicacy for the roaches, and they definitely will not live in your house if they find nothing to eat.
These roaches need wet living places (it is no surprise that sometimes they are called Palmetto Water Bugs!). If you are unlucky enough to miss the dropped capsule, 50-55 days later you will have about 15 Palmetto Bug nymphs walking around your dwelling. They will never touch or even approach the pests (what is right, considering the foul-smelling fluids they produce). And if the idea of being so close to them is unbearable for you, you can use a vacuum cleaner as your weapon.
Just understand that these creatures are harmless and learn to keep a cool head while dealing with them. I looked closer and this roach had to be 3 inches long, then a second later I saw another one and killed both and flushed them down the toilet. I mix this in my one gallon sprayer and spray around the entire outside of my house and in my garage.
Its still raining since more than a week, and these monsters like to come in to the house in this season. Moreover, apply it to areas like baseboards, below counters, and gloomy areas such as closets, as they are the Palmetto bugs’ favourite places to hide. The males have brown wings that cover the majority of the abdomen, and they can fly 2 to 3 meters. Though this insect is a pest, it infects only palm trees, so you will not see it inside your house. Although some victims of these bugs claim that they have been chased around the house by the huge pest, that impression could be caused only by their irrational fear, and certainly not by facts.
If you take the efforts, at least their penetrations into your house will be less frequent. And never apply poisonous substances on firewood: when the pesticides are burned together with the firewood, the fumes can be toxic. Also dry everything what can be dried with paper towels, and keep these wet towels in a sealed plastic bag. And stepping on the bug with your foot is definitely not a good idea, as the result will be more then disgusting. Apply the mixture in the same way as you would apply a chemical pesticide: spray it about the rooms where you can see the bugs.

New to Florida, so you can imagine that our whole family has the Palmetto Bug Dance down pat! I bought Talstar pro from them and then bought a sprayer at Lowes that has a pressure relief valve on it for $30 and I have not seen any since I sprayed under my dishwasher, stove, refrigerator.
We are a collection of vonetleurs and starting a new initiativein a community in the same niche. To stop the entry their entry into your house, spray some of the boric acid around the external entrances to your place. This name describes the habits of theses pests, as they usually live in areas with a lot of trees, and are common throughout Florida.
All the holes and cracks of your house should be fixed with caulking gun or other appropriate materials. A perfect place to apply it is on tops of the cabinet, as Palmetto Bugs prefer high places. I grabbed my sprayer, mixed an ounce of Talstar with a gallon of water in my sprayer, locked my dog in the bedroom and sprayed under my dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, sink and the entire boundary of my appliances because I think they must have been living under the dishwasher somewhere.
I also spray the wall behind the refrigerator and stove and between those appliances as well as the bottom of my cabinets where they hit the floor.
I also went to hte outside of my house where the AC lines snake up a housing on the outside of my house and put some roach gel up in there as well.
Moreover, their rapid reproduction rate can make conditions unbearable for you as they lay 16 eggs at one time. Try to use quick-acting poison so that you can find the dead pests near the traps and not around the house. The acid will be collected on the insect’s body as it walks through it, and carried to the nest. Within 3 minutes of sprayer this big roach about 3inches long and an inch across came running out of my kitchen, down the hall, under my bedroom door, I opened the door and saw it run under my bed and I looked under the bed and could not see it. Though it may seem like a challenging task to control these annoying house pets, but useful methods are available to get rid of Palmetto Bugs. And if you have tall trees right near your house, do your best to fix all the holes and cracks in the roof. Of course, you must warn your family about the poison and put the traps where your children or pets will not find them. So as the bug grooms itself it will be poisoned, and all the roaches in the nest will share this destiny. I looked up and that sucker was running up the wall to the ceiling acting all weird because I think the Talstar was affecting it.
I have yet to use the powder in that kit that mxes with water and is applied using a sprayer but I can say I have not seen any new dead roaches lately. At first sight they seem to be wingless, but they actually have very small wings located close to the head.
I know that just about every bug that crosses where I sprayed the Talstar outside is dead within 2 feet past the spray line.

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