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First of all you have to understand the signs of infestations of mice in your home and the signals when you should attack them. Cleaning up is a way which is required not only to prevent mice from coming home but also it will help you to keep yourself healthy. If you find holes in your food container or boxes, then there is a big possibility that mice’s have attacked your home. Moreover, the most annoying thing is along with food, they also attack and destroy such things in homes, which they find very attractive and chew them by entering forcefully. Here, you have to find all the cracks and gaps around your home and seal them immediately with a good quality caulking compound.

If you left junk food or other foods in corner areas such as under tables, rugs, counters, then the mice will visit your home often eat them and will make a place in your home.
Therefore, in anyway if you see that your home is getting attacked by mice, then you should find a way to get rid of them.
If you hear any kind of rustling noises from ceilings or walls, then you should understand they are the mice in your home. It will not only help you to prevent mice from coming into your home, but other insects or pesky critters will find it very hard to enter.
If you do not know the exact way how to get rid of them, then it may be quite difficult to handle them.

However, whatever the reason behind infesting mice in your home the biggest concern is how to get rid of them.
You can also make use of mouse poison to kill them, but it would not be the best way because it may also harm other animals in your home.

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