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Wow, I love using home remedies around the house instead of all those pesticides you buy from the store. I haven’t tried it yet, but lots of people I know fill a quart Ziploc half full of water, add a couple pennies and hang them in the doorways of their homes. Once you have identified the bug living in your philodendron, you can decide how to get rid of the plant flies.
Insecticidal soap and horticultural oil sprays can be an effective, less toxic remedy for getting rid of plant flies on indoor plants. Cleaning off the leaves will kill whiteflies and many of their eggs but it only kills the adult phorid flies and fungus gnats. If you can identify the flying pest, you can decide the best method to rid yourself of them.

The difference in where the flies breed and how they feed influences the best method to get rid of them. Take your plants outside on a warm day, put them in a shady spot and hose them down with soapy water. Use sterile potting soil when you transplant or re-pot your plants so that you don’t bring fly eggs into your home.
I’ve found several different humane ways to get rid of flies inside the house and outside too! How to Get Rid of Flies Since you may not have all of the items below, try what you have first, then if you want try the other ones, go ahead. These flies feed and breed on moist organic matter like wet, organic soil in potted plants and on cut flowers.

You may want to reserve this method for severe infestations of fungus gnats or phorid flies. This technique is probably only for a short term fix for getting rid of flies unless you eat fresh cucumbers every other day.

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