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Category: Bed Bug Bites | 02.11.2015
After cleaning the inside of your house and your pets, you can also clean the surroundings of your home. If you have been observing your pets particularly your dogs to be frequently scratching, this can be a sign that fleas are already crawling in your pets’ hair.
Do an excessive cleaning to the corners of your home as fleas most frequently inhabit the part of the house that is not reach by sunlight. You can also put the beddings in the hot dryer for at least 15 minutes to further kill the fleas particularly the larvae.

Thus, preventing your household pets to have fleas infested in them is the best way in preventing flea infestation. However, make sure first that your pet is not sensitive to the chemical or solution that you will be using to rid the fleas.
For households in the humid part of the country, if the temperature rises up, one should consider keeping their home cold particularly when they are away. To entirely remove the fleas, put baking soda on the area infested by fleas and also the area you will vacuum before vacuuming it.

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