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Step 2: Set cricket traps throughout the home by combining 1 part molasses with 10 parts water. Step 4: Use certain barrier plants to protect your garden, planting them around other plants that crickets enjoy.
Sprays containing oils of hot peppers drive away crickets and can be applied to plants without causing harm. They attack the herbs and vegetables in a garden and eat furniture and clothing inside a house.

You may be cleaning up the remnants but at least the crickets will not have the run of your home. Sweet peas, clover, and other nitrogen fixing plants are also disliked by crickets and they help the garden by improving the soil. If you hate the sounds they make, then they can keep you up all night too! Here are some natural ways to control the cricket population on your property and keep these pests out of the house. To fend off crickets inside the home, sprinkle organic diatomaceous earth (not the kind sold to treat pools) into carpets.

Combine a few tablespoons of natural soap and water in a spray bottle and spray the solution on the crickets.
However, it only works on contact and while still wet so you must be diligent at finding the crickets.

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