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This technique works because the roaches are attracted to the sugar, and when the consuming it they also consume the borax. Sometimes when you enter your room or washroom and turn on the lights, you might just spot a blackish nasty insect lurking towards the shadow behind the doors or below the sink. Wear plastic gloves, place your house waste into a thick plastic bag and dispose it immediately. Make sure to keep a thorough check on grocery bags and boxes taken in your house, as the embarrassing cockroaches mostly enter through packaging materials.
Frequently clean the areas around your home including animal droppings, garbage and lumber piles. Fix all kinds of water leak in your bathrooms and sinks as wet places are cockroaches’ favorite areas to live in.
Another good option is the easily available electronic cockroach killer, which is easy to use does not contain any harmful chemicals. Cockroaches in the home are never welcome gets and sadly are like those relatives that come to stay and linger for months afterwards. If you are a gardener you probably know that some herbs planted in your garden nearby fruits and vegetables can help to keep pests away from your prizing winning carrots and the same applies to cockroaches in the home. These slimy, crawling, shadow dwelling insects, that with only one appearance can arouse feelings of dread in people, are none other than famous and irritating “COCKROACHES.” These insects are very common in washrooms, below beds, behind cupboards, under the sinks, underneath low-lying tables and inside storage cabinets.

Make sure all counters, including areas around the home appliances, are cleaned properly as dirty places give birth to these nasty creatures.
The nozzle of a vacuum cleaner can easily reach corners of your home and suck the cockroaches into its dust bag.
Now sprinkle boric acid powder in all those parts of your house where you have noticed cockroach activities.
However, make sure to apply them in unreachable corners of house like under sinks, behind doors and gels in narrow cracks.
The problem with many store bought products that kill roaches is that they are filled with harmful chemicals that can linger in your home and pose a threat to yourself, your children and your pets. The mixture works by attracting the cockroaches to the sugar which they are drawn to like flies to honey. Certain herb such as bay leaves and rosemary repel cockroaches simply because they do not like the smell of the herbs.
They are not only irritating but also very difficult to kill as they are resistant to many insecticides. Fresh herbs work best as they have the most potent smell and should be placed around the home in strategic places to ward away any cockroaches from the home. They feed on kitchen leftovers and trashed food items and lay eggs in the cracks, crevices and other hard-to-reach areas of your house.

However, it is essential to get rid of cockroaches at any cost as they can transmit the bacteria associated with Shigella, Salmonella along with many other bacterial and viral diseases. It sticks to their legs and sucks all the liquid in them, making the cockroaches die automatically due to dehydration. DE can be found in a powdered form; oftentimes you can find several pounds of the powder for just a few dollars.
Sprinkle the powder around the home in areas that attract roaches such as kitchens; the DE not only kills cockroaches, but acts as a repellant as well, keeping your home cockroach free.
Nevertheless, there are several solutions, including a number of natural ways, for killing the insects and preventing them from entering your house. Cleaning your house thoroughly is one of the best ways to prevent roaches from invading your house.

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