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In the past, my heart-shaped cakes have tended to get bigger and bigger, resulting in things like a heart the size of a small dog and the infamous Thoracic Cavity Cake. The legs are, of course, the most pivotal part of the centipede, plus it is their disturbingly inhuman rippling motion that makes the centipede seem so alien to us.
Because centipedes have segmented bodies, it was easy to cover the cake with small fondant sections, each overlapping the one before. Next I ran some tests on various form factors of sugar, to see how quickly they melted when left under a stream of water. I stuck the scales to the cake using royal icing, gradating from green around the back ridge through blue and purple to the silver at the stomach ridge. I have no idea why I ultimately settled on the centipede, unless perhaps it was because the apartment I was living in at the time was occasionally invaded by house centipedes, which are completely harmless but quite large and shocking to meet in the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Then I carved that into a spiral, as if the centipede was curled into a loop, and coated it with buttercream.
To mimic the pattern of vanilla and chocolate that you get on a soft serve swirl cone, I filled one side of the piping bag with the vanilla frosting and the other side with the chocolate. In this case, the contrast was exacerbated by the fact that the tops of the cupcakes had almost too much frosting because I had piped it on quite thickly in order to get the swirl cone aesthetic. I stuck some additional legs directly into the cake, following the curve of the centipede’s body. And it did get gross – you have no idea how bubbly and sticky and gooey cranberry juice full of sugar and fondant can be. To get the more distinctive shape of the bird’s beak, I made my own form out of cardboard.

The blueberry sauce was perhaps less blue than it might optimally have been, but I think we all know how hard it is to find appetizing blue food.
On the plus side, the drips get dark when the cupcakes bake and make it look like the ice cream is melting and dripping down the side of the cone. Even after shooing, waving, and scattering the swarm, it's difficult to get into the house without at least a few getting in with me.Read 1 FeedbackFlying Silver Biting BugsI have these tiny, really shiny, silvery bugs that are biting me!

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