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4 easy ways rid bed bugs organically - wikihow, Edit article how to get rid of bed bugs organically. How rid bed bugs naturally ehow, Although bed bugs typically congregate in the bedroom, you may need to treat the rest of your home as well.
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Bed bugs are a natural part of the environment like every other insect and for them to lay down real estate in your home they would need to enter by riding in on someone or something. Bed bugs can travel on a human host in clothing, in pockets or lining of clothing and deposit wherever the person sits or lies. Once bed bugs take up residence in your home by riding in on a person, clothing, luggage, furniture or pet they can quickly find hiding places lay eggs and multiply by the thousands.

While there is no one specific reason what causes bed bugs infestation, infestation tends to be more common in places of high human activity and populations such as apartment buildings, movie theaters, hotels and motels.
Like every other insect, bed bugs will infest an area where there is a source of food and in the case of bed bugs its human and animal blood.
For that reason any public place like movie theaters chairs can be breathing grounds for bed bugs. Generally, single family home are at lowest risk for bed bug infestation but because most people today work, travel and purchase things from yard sales and Craigslist infestation of single family homes are becoming more common.   If unfortunately you have bed bugs infestation in your home, information is the key to combating this problem, continue to read on this website and click on the button below for more information on how to eliminate bed bugs naturally and permanently without chemicals or pesticides. Most people like to believe that there is a link between bed bugs and a filthy environment.
The most common way for bed bug infestation to occur is from traveling and staying in a hotel that is infested. If you are like most people who look for bargain used furniture, you could be inviting bed bugs into your home if the furniture you are buying is from an infested home. On the contrary, bed bug infestation has occurred in the most pristine of environments.   Just because someone’s home may be dirty or filthy does not mean there is a bed bugs infestation problem.

Like cats, bed bugs love the material and texture of suitcases and usually take up residence inside a suitcase laying on the floor. The more cluttered an environment the more spaces of warmth and moisture there is for bed bugs to lay eggs.
Because bed bugs are difficult to see and even more innocuous on a black or dark colored suitcase they can ride on for months infesting new locations. Bed bugs can enter your home riding in the hairs of pets that have been in an infested environment. A room filled with bags of clothing or boxes on the floor are ideal places for bed bugs to lay eggs and multiply.

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