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Flea bites usually look like small clusters of dots while bed bug bites are red, hard and swollen a little.
To make it a little easier to compare flea bites vs bed bug bites, I have made a little comparison chart.
How to Use Borax to Kill Fleas SafelyBorax for flea control is a popular method for fighting flea infestations. The first stage in the bed bugs life cycle begins when the female bed bug lays her eggs.  The female will lay up to 5 eggs per day in loose clusters of 10–50 and can produce 200-500 eggs during a lifetime. Once the bed bugs reach the Adult stage in their life cycle they have fully matured, molted 5 times and look similar to a large apple seed or about the size of a pencil eraser. The female bed bug must feed in order to produce eggs and can lay ~5 eggs a day up to 200-500 eggs during her lifetime, which may be 6-12 months or longer depending on environmental conditions.  An interesting note is that the bed bug can survive for more than a year without feeding!
You should have a pretty good idea on what do bed bugs look like now.  I’m going to change the focus to some of the parts of the bed bug that are important or relevant to this topic.
The bed bugs legs are adapted for crawling and not for climbing smooth surfaces.  There is a claw at the tip which is used for gripping rough surfaces or for gripping their host to insert mouthparts.

Bed bugs are blood sucking insects that feed on humans.  Now that you have answered the question about what do bed bugs look like it is time to investigate the signs of bed bugs and how to get rid of bed bugs yourself.
This can prove to be quite difficult, as there are many different types of bugs and bug bites.
They suck the blood out of the host with their special jaws that cut right through the skin. People also often mistake bed bug bites for other types of allergies and treat them the wrong way.
Remember that the reaction to these bites can appear differently on people, so one infection does not always look like the other.
You want to get rid of the irritation on your skin fast and get the bugs out of your home and your life for good. Sign up for my newsletter to receive my FREE checklist that can help you get rid of fleas today.
Many of my visitors have asked me about the difference between flea bites vs bed bug bites when they have noticed red spots appearing on their body, typically on the arms and legs.

Children are often more sensitive and likely to get allergic reactions from flea bites than adults. When comparing flea bites vs bed bug bites, it is also important to note that the bed bugs are nocturnal and therefore mostly bite after dark. Where bed bug bites can be found anywhere on the body, flea bites are often located on the legs and ankles because these areas are easier to get to. You need to learn about these bugs in order to know the difference and get rid of both flea bites vs bed bug bites.

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