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They are little ugly bugs that crawl around in your bed and bite you at any chance they get. There are a few simple home remedies you can use to help get rid of bed bugs.  Use these home remedies for bed bugs to prevent getting bed bugs as well as to get rid of them.
One of the easiest things you can do to get rid of bed bugs is to wash any and everything that could possibly be infected. That includes linens, bed sheets, pajamas and any article of clothing that might have come in contact with your bed. By steaming your mattress with a bed bug steamer you can kill off the bed bugs almost immediately. The last of the home remedies for bed bugs is to put your mattress in an encasement to protect from bedbugs.

If your are getting bitten every night by bed bugs, it might be a good idea to get a mattress encasement.
The encasement will cover the complete mattress and make it impossible for the bed bugs to escape. Spread Boric Acid powder on places where the bed bugs live -don’t put boric acid powder on a mattress or box spring. Dry clothes and infested linens on a clothes line -the sunshine will help to kill bed bugs.
Drying clothes and infested linens in a dryer for more than 20 minutes helps to kill bed bugs.
Using Black Walnut Leaf Teas to make an astringent helps to serve as an insecticide against bed bugs.

Use Lavender, thyme, tea tree or eucalyptus oil sprays on clothes, linens to prevent and treat bed bug problems.
So even if you get rid of an infestation, you might still have some eggs that can eventually turn into eggs.

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