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The real question is why the person wants to be rid of the ants.We share our environment with ants and they serve a purpose. Singapore ants are in some places of Australia - they are small and brownish red and like linen closets and electrical circuits. I've tried everything and, in the end, the only thing that actually works is spraying them with RAID.
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For a couple of months, we’ve been spraying the blighters, creating a perimeter around the house with ant-sand and laying bait traps.

Apparently, cucumber is anathema to ants who avoid the fruit at all costs — place a few sliced discs near floorboard cracks, under doors and any other suspected entry points.
Mostly they are pretty harmless and the desire to control and conquer everything in our world can only lead to grief. There was an enormous amount of product on the labyrinthine showroom floor covering every category imaginable. A trip to the garden store for some bulbs -- which you can even get in cold weather months -- some soil, and a five litre plastic bottle are all you need for a near-infinite supply of fresh onions. If you manage to locate the nest, pour a few litres of boiling water into it to end the problem. The reason we want to get rid of them is because they've been getting into our pantry and ruining our food, and (even more worryingly) getting inside our computers.

Once you put the liquid onto the floor, you'll see heaps of them coming to drink it but leave them. I've lived with ants, (and cockroaches and even rats) before but this is a proper infestation.

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