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Try following one and see where there coming from and then placing 1p and 2p copper coins around the area- they hate copper and won't cross it often. I think black ants are the common garden ants and I'm not sure you will get much help from environmental health. Thanks, I have now crumbled a wash powder tablet and sprinkled in on my bathroom floor, on my sink, on my desk and the carpet.
I, seriously, wouldn't go in the room unless my OH was with me and myself and young daughter spent all our time in my bedroom until he got home from work. We eventually got rid of them - Mum hoovered them up initially (then I made her throw out the hoover) and we put down ant killer, and sealed all the floor. The only downside is if the lions, tigers and panthers take a shine to your flat, they may not want to leave, so you may end up spending a fortune on raw meat. I have ants too specialy in summer but you can get a Ant killer from Tesco's its round and smallish and they walk into it and they then pick up the parts what kills them and take it back to there nest and works better than any powder I baught.

My mum found some in her kitchen over the weekend on the side , she searched everywhere but cant find out where theyre coming from . I hate them .We found some in a cupboard in the kitchen last year , took everything out of it thinking there might be a hole in it that they were coming through , but oh no , they were crawling up the ouside wall and through the open kitchen window , cheeky buggers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you can't find Terro just get some Borax, one quarter of a teaspoon (no more or they won't eat it) to 5 table spoons of sugar, mixe with water into a syrup and place strategicaly on the 'ant runs'. Yes I know but it is available in the UK, this way at least you know what it looks like, try Wilkinson's for instance and ring around, but its important to kill um all or they'll come back, and its better not to use the poisons they sell because they poison you as well, and definitely cats, so be carefull what you put down. I moved into my flat a few weeks ago, and after a week noticed (due to my cat Zorro staring at the floor by my bathroom door), that there were several ants.
I moved into my flat a few weeks ago, and after a week noticed (due to my cat Zorro staring at the florr by my bathroom door). It depends on what ants you have, if you have Pharaoh ants, environmental health may help but if it's garden ants it's up to you I believe.

As these creatures are ants' most feared predators, once the ants spot one of them they'll soon be on their way! I have an area under my living room carpet that sort of crinkles, and was wondering if there was a sweet wrapper or something underneath it. So I put some ant powder down by a crack in the skirting board where I presumed they were getting in.
I once ate a blueberry muffin which when I bit into it had an almost zingy bite to it, it wasn't until I checked the other muffins that I saw hundreds of the little bleeders had decided to live on them.

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