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Infestations of honeydew-producing insects, such as aphids, soft scales, mealybugs and whiteflies may explain why you’re finding ants in potting soil.
Get rid of the insects that produce honeydew before killing ants in containers to keep the ants from returning.
If you find ants in your indoor plants, take them outside immediately so the ants don’t become established inside your home.

Honeydew is a sweet, sticky substance that the insects secrete as they feed, and ants think it’s a banquet. You may see ants in flower pots when you’ve been using home remedies that include sugar or honey.
To get rid of the ants nesting in container plants, you’ll need a bucket or tub larger and deeper than your flower pot and concentrated insecticidal soap, available at any garden supply store.

Spray the plant thoroughly, and pay particular attention to the undersides of the leaves where they like to hide and lay eggs.

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