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Any ant infestation can be a bother, but an infestation of flying ants in your house can be really annoying. There are many kinds of ants such as sugar ants, pharaoh ants, Argentine ants, fire ants, carpenter ants and flying ants. Mixture of Honey and Borax: To avoid flying black ants revisiting your home, it is important to get rid of their colonies itself. Sprinkling Catnip: An organic method of getting rid of flying ants from your home is to sprinkle catnip on the trail. After you do get rid of flying ants, remember to mop the floors of your house by using a water and bleach solution. One of the most commonly asked question by the readers is that why is it that they are not able to find the colonies of the flying ants although they have searched for it.
To find out the difference between flying ants and termites, you will have to closely examine the body of the insect.

This can be attributed to the fact that as the name suggests, the flying ants fly to destinations which are favorable to them. However, you will have to make sure you keep these glue boards out of reach from children and pets as these boards are very sticky.
Before we try to find an answer to how to get rid of flying ants, let us know learn more about flying ants. Although the mating does not last for too long, it is important to exterminate flying ants to avoid infestation. Sprinkling this mixture on the mounds makes sure that the ants carry the 'poison' to their home and kill all the residents of their colony.
Before you start using the tips mentioned below, it is important that you are thorough with flying ants identification.
If you notice that there is a cluster of ants at the window or door, shut the door or window well.

Once the ants grow up, the queen ant develops wings and tries to fly off to another destination with the male ants following suit. The antennae of a termite sweep forward, whereas the antennae of ants have a right-angled bend.
You will have to apply the same techniques for getting rid of flying ants, even during winter.

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