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When treating the yellow jackets nests, avoid the entrance opening of the hive when you are treating it because it only increases the chance of being stung. We have what looks like a large amount (about 200) small yellow jackets going into an eaves area on our roof. The only thing that we can recommend to you is a residual spray that can be sprayed in that general area. With yellow jackets, we recommend getting a professional to take care of the infestation unless you are willing to eradicate the infestation yourself.
Hi, we have several yellow jackets going in and out of our shutters out front of our house.
Of note, my dog ran into a nest in the ground on the trail that runs behind our house and got stung several times. Their abdomen is usually banded with yellow and black, that is how they get their name yellow jackets. They are to be applied to small cracks and crevices in a structure with a bee might enter or build its nest near.
Broadcast treatments are usually for the entire lawn, in this case when you cannot find the bee nest.
It will provide a fast knock down and a long residual time to continue to kill them over a long period of time.

If the bumble bee built there nest under the ground, spray directly into the entrance, if you can not find the entrance, spray the surrounding area. However, if it is too high up or if the infestation is as large as you describe, we recommend that you hire professionals to eradicate the infestation. If you would like to treat the infestation yourself, we recommend using Wasp Freeze to kill the flying adults before applying anything to the nest. By spraying a residual insecticide on the shutters and other surfaces of the isolated areas of infestation, you do not have to carry around a can of wasp freeze everytime you walk outside. If your plants are ornamental plants, you can spray certain insecticides on the plants without hurting them.
Yellow Jackets do not see well at night so the chances of being stung are significantly reduced.
You will need to apply using the amount that is directed on the label and may need to reapply if needed.
He sprayed it into the shutters (or tried) at night but we are still seeing some go in and out.
For instance, Suspend SC is labeled for use on ornamentals, which means that you can apply it in isolated areas of infestation around the plants.
Due to the residual time, you will only have to apply this as necessary in the beginning part of your treatment plan and then move on to quarterly treatments.

After spraying put some caulk in the hole did not work.I know what to do if they are in ground.
During the winter, only the inseminated queens hibernate and survive, while all the other yellow jackets die.
It is a dust, so it can be washed away or blown away with wind, so we recommend reapplying it once a week until you are sure you have eradicated the infestation.
If you find a hole on the side outside of your home, you will insert the tip of the duster with an extender (BELLOW BULB DUSTER) containing the dust into the hole and use as directed to holes or channels in damaged wooden member of the structure, to cracks, spaces or bearing joints between the wood members of the structure, or in the holes of the hives. Using the aerosol formula (STINGRAY WASP & HORNET SPRAY, PT WASP-FREEZE AEROSOL), be cautioned because aerosol is a liquid so do not use in electric outings, use only dust. You will just need to attach a thin straw to the nozzle depending on the product, and spray into the hole.

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